Annual school photos are a great way to celebrate a child's growth.

School Photography Gallery

Parents love having memorable photos of their children, and annual ‘photo day’ portraits are a great way for schools and day cares to celebrate the growth and development of their students.

We offer unique, annual student portraits and print packages to centers, with straight forward bookings and simple online ordering for parents. We work closely with the school to provide quality service for any age range, from infant age and up.

We provide everything needed for the shoot, and manage the proof galleries and ordering directly with parents through an online ordering system, making it easy for schools to administer. Please contact us to find out more information about holding a ‘photo day’ at your school with us.

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Are you interested in a school photo session but have questions first? Please see answers to our most frequently asked questions below. If you don’t find an answer here, please contact us directly and we will be happy to answer your questions.

School Photography FAQ

What do schools need to provide?

We bring the lights, backdrop and some accessories/toys depending on the age range. We only require that schools provide a class list including first and last names for each child. At least one representative from the school will be required to be present in the room at all time as well.

How should schools prepare for photo day?

We require a space away from the main student body, like in a gymnasium or empty classroom, with access to an electrical outlet. We will also work with the school to come up with a schedule for photos to ensure we have enough time to photograph all the children, and plan a retake day if needed.
We will need a class list with all the children’s first and last names, and some kind of memo noting which children are siblings.

What is the cost to the school?

Nothing! We don’t charge an admin or sitting fee for holding school photo sessions. The costs are made up in the orders.

How do you provide the photos for parents to order?

We use an online gallery system where parents can log into a private gallery of their child’s images and order individual images, packages, products or digital files. All the ordering is through the gallery and schools don’t have to administer any part of the ordering process after they provide parents with the gallery links.
When the final print packages are dropped off at the school, they will have to facilitate giving the parents the packages but this should be easy as they are all clearly marked.

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